About Us

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We are Jazmin and Samantha, and we're from a small town deep in East Texas. We are currently college students and, as you probably guessed, we are HUGE lash lovers and have been since we were 16. 


We have long been searching for the perfect lashes, high-quality lashes that offer more for our money. And we found them—a line of superior, long-lasting lashes. We were so excited about our discovery that we decided to sell them online.

In fact, with proper treatment, the lashes we sell can be worn between 25 and 30 times! Plus, we have lashes to meet everyone's preference, including two unique styles that bring the perfect mixture of simple and natural and a wide selection of lashes that create a more dramatic look.


We are so happy to share our new lash business with you. We are obsessed with lashes and so happy to be bringing some of our favorite styles to you. We greatly appreciate your support! Every purchase makes our hearts full. 


J & S ♡